August 26, 2008

mixed emotions

it's raining, again. and honestly? tonight i like it. the little patter and drip of water as it hits my windows and falls through the evergreen outside, the 'tink-tink' as some of it hits the rain gutters. not quite cold enough for a fire in the fireplace but necessitating some candlelight instead. cozy. calm. peaceful.

i think i may be relinquishing my hope for further summer and resigning myself to impending autumn. summer was fun, if brief; autumn here can be beautiful. i'll embrace it.

shoot, i guess that means i should clean out my closet and dig out my sweaters. . .i don't know if i'm quite ready to relinquish that part of summer--reef flip flops, capris, pedicures, sunglasses, short sleeves, sun on my face--too soon to say "fare-thee-well!" at least labor day weekend should offer one final 'hurrah'.

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