November 1, 2009

i'd rather dance

tonight's halloween options included a costume dance, hosted by my church for the singles in my area. my costume, while in its element at work yesterday, caused much head-scratching and wrong guesses when taken out of context, say at starbucks or any other public gathering that didn't include mt. crumpet, a furry green grinch, and crazy hair. a rabbit? a flower? fail. apparently my who was not who-ville enough to speak for itself. ergo, tonight's dance didn't make the cut of my chosen all-hallow's eve festivities.

another type of dancing caught my eye when i stumbled across this video on another blog; i've always loved this song and the video charmed my socks off. enjoy!


Monica said...

One of my favorite songs! Thanks E :)

Brittney said...

hi erica! love your blog. hope everything's well!

( - check it out if you have a minute)

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