August 2, 2009

how to spend a warm summer evening

1. find some family (friends work, too) and beg persuade them to take you out in the boat:

2. find some water (preferably a large body, like the columbia river):

3. bring your shades and enjoy the wind in your hair (ahh, isn't that nice?):

4. cruise by your local nuclear reservation (harness that atomic power!):

5. sit back, relax and enjoy the view (ah, the miracle of irrigation farming):

6. stay out 'til the sun goes down:

7. and down:

8. and then cruise on home (if you must):


Suze said...

I drove passed that river 4 times on Saturday and wondered if I could see you from the hwy.

I didn't. But I thought of you.

skiscott said...

that last photo w/ the wake blurred is really cool. makes the water look soft in the glow of the sunset. that one's a keeper!
anytime you want to twist my arm we'll wet the hull!

Windy Dawn said...

great idea! i will start with step number one right away....

Erica, dearest, please, PLEASE, will you take me home with you next time...???

Maria and Ryan said...

LOVE this post! Ahh, home. Eh? Nuclear reactors and all...

hey are you going home for Christmas? Do you have time to get together? I would LOVE it! Your house, mine (uh, rather, parent's house, of course) movies, dinner? I can ditch the kids. Really.

Let me know! Love you! Miss you big time!

erita said...

maria--i have to work christmas eve, but i might be trying to fly home for christmas. i would love to get together!

love and miss you too!

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