April 30, 2007


can you hear it?

the soft fluttering of the flames in my fireplace, the crickle-crackle of the log--it may be spring in seattle with mid-60 degree days, but it's misty-rainy tonight. perfect for a fire, all cozy and inviting with only the sounds of the cars passing--the swish of the tires through the rainy roads.

all's quiet; my normally-unusually-loud (normally-unusually: is that an oxymoron? i digress) neighbors are silent (are they gone? one can only hope!), a candle lit on the mantlepiece adding its soft glow to the flicker of firelight on my walls, my brain is beginning to wind down from a long day, and i am happy.

except for my hiccups.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

you know you are REALLY good at writing prose. ever consider writing something for publication?

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