August 25, 2008


two nations at war: india and vietnam.

ok, not really--actually just the indian mango curry i had for lunch and the vietnamese pho' i had for dinner. apparently i wasn't diplomatic enough in their introduction to each other, for rumblings in the stomach have begun. can't i just be neutral territory and allow everyone to come visit?

but now that i think about it, maybe i'm just hungry again. have you ever had pho'? this was my first taste. delicious but insubstantial, it consists of broth, rice noodles, some beef (or chicken or whatever tickles your fancy), sprouts, thai basil, and that's about it. maybe i'd better go investigate my fridge. . .

in other news, my hometown made the map today--specifically Hanford nuclear reservation and the 'B' reactor reaching designated "national historic landmark" status. yay for unusual places to grow up.

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