November 26, 2008

wordy wednesday (and it's all right)

steering wheel freezing, chilly fog and heavy traffic in my morning commute did not bode a promising start to my final day before Thanksgiving vacation (oh blessed 4-day weekend!). listlessly flipping on the radio, i hoped John in the Morning would weave his usual magic on KEXP and enlighten my day with some new (to me, at least) discovery.

without fail, john delivered: peter broderick's track followed on the tail of radiohead, fleet foxes, eddie vedder and simon & garfunkel. a fine mix for this somewhat lackluster start of a morning, peter's track "and it's all right" begged to be shared with you. clickety-click here for a listen-loo.

with the promise of a few days of pies, turkey, nieces, family, reading, visiting old friends, sleeping, shopping and relaxing ahead of me, today is getting better by the second.

happy thanksgiving eve, everyone!



Can I just say how much I enjoy reading your blog just for the well-written entries... you inspire me!! :)

erita. said...

thanks, angela! i'm just shooting from the hip here, so i'm glad you enjoy it. i've really enjoyed keeping up with your blog, too. i can't believe how big liam is!

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