November 26, 2008

wordless wednesday (not really)

Columbia River scene
photo credit: Sally Ashbrook

as many of you know, i grew up in the Tri-Cities (Eastern Washington). a land of sagebrush, wind & dust, it also boasts the green beauty of vineyards, orchards and other irrigated agriculture, thanks to the bounty of the three rivers that converge there. it exudes a beauty all its own--one that growing up there slowly taught me to appreciate. i am eagerly anticipating crossing the state of washington today--watching the transition from lush green forest and mountains, to high mountain meadows, to desert sagebrush giving way to irrigated farmland.

i was pleasantly surprised to find the above print in Sally's collection (available for sale at as it instantly reminded me of home and summers spent on the river. she's having an art giveaway on her blog, Aprovechar, and i *hope* i might be the lucky recipient of this beautiful photo to join my other B&W artwork in my home. For more info, check her blog post at

happy browsing, and cross your fingers for me!

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fingers are totally crossed... what a beautiful print!

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