November 22, 2008

november sun

i wanted to curl up in this sunbeam today

silvery sunny clouds outside my balcony

juanita bay

cold november wind feels nice in my hair after my run

wishful thinking


Lisa -- said...

Love the last photo! It's awesome. Anyway, I am toying with the idea of coming to Washington in May or June to visit you and Rea. What do you say? Are you in for a girls weekend reunion? Maybe we can get Mama and even Hillary.

Maria and Ryan said...

Hey chica. Love the pics--especially your tall tall shadow-ha ha. I never knew you wanted to be taller...I also really enjoyed the poem. Oh how I wish I remembered how to be creative. Oh well. It will come back again someday. Still having probs with the mom--send some encouraging advice my way, eh? Love you! Miss you! How do you like the book?

erita. said...

thanks lisa!

i would LOVE to see you for a girls' weekend this summer. are you bringing YOUR girls? what's Mike going to do?

mama and hillary would be so much fun too. i miss you all!

glad you're doing well!

erita. said...

"mah-reee-ah! i once met a girl named maria"

did you know that song ALWAYS comes to mind when i think of you? *laughing*

i miss you too! and your adorable family. what are you doing for Turkey day again? will you be in the tri-cities or sunny C-A? if TC, we should definitely get together and chat-ola.

gimme a call, eh?

erita. said...

oh, and maria~i'm embarrassed to admit i've only made it through one chapter--i got a little distracted :)

Maria and Ryan said...

for Thanksgiving we are kickin' it right here in our little apartamento...except we'll also leave to go on a hike about midday. come rain or shine. hell or high water. you get the drift. hope you have a really good weekend, it must be so nice to get a few days off. give hugs to your fam from me, ok?

i understand about the book--let me know what you think when you do get back into it someday, I'd love to hear it.

Love you!

skiscott said...

love the photo of juanita bay. it has to be one of your finest! i love the colors, the texture, the richness of the light. what a fun place!

Lisa -- said...

No way, The girls will stay with Mike. This will be a BIG girls weekend! Mike passed the bar and is working. I am setting my sites on WA this May or June. More to come in the new year.

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