August 23, 2008

of s'mores, giant statues of communist leaders, zeek's, and birthday cake

beautiful saturday weather demanded leisurely wandering through some of seattle's neighborhoods. lured to fremont by theo's chocolate factory "s'mores daze", sasha & i indulged in fresh s'mores roasted right there outside the factory, replete with freshmade goodness (from the buttery graham crackers to gooey marshmallows--can i ever go back to storebought?) and one of their many delicious chocolates (my favorite is 'bread & chocolate', followed closely by the single-origin 'ivory coast dark chocolate'). i even managed to save some chocolate for later, courtesy of a sneaky drip of melted chocolate that oozed its way onto my shirt for discovery halfway through our walk.

naturally, a trip to fremont begs imitating the art that is scattered and tucked away throughout the streets. home to the fremont troll, the neighborhood also boasts sundry works of art, such as the large bronze statue of lenin below.

lenin glares over the traffic at the intersection of fremont place, NE 36th st, and evanston ave N.

entertaining the traffic--lenin and mini-me

it was also carole's birthday, so we meandered over to zeek's pizza and stuffed ourselves full of their delicious pie. of course, no birthday would be complete without birthday confection, so back into fremont we went and visited 'simply desserts' for some cake by the slice. (i maintain 'simply desserts' is a misnomer, as their menu consisted entirely of various layer cakes and 2 types of cookie). misleading moniker aside, they do make fantastic cakes. fortunately, i still have some of the chocolate carmel layer cake to enjoy today for breakfast. thanks for having a birthday, carole!

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Jessica said...

I LOVE simply desserts! Although I am a chocolate-chocolate kind of girl they have a white chocolate strawberry cake that is amazing.
I'm so glad you visited the chocolate factory --how neat to have smores--I'm been meaning to go and take a tour. Glad you had so much fun!!

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