August 1, 2008

sigh of relief

ah, this week is finally over, and it's a beautiful day! the weekend yawns invitingly free ahead of me-full of play and hopefully very little work.

work was crazy, hectic, embarrassing, frantic, and never-ending (or so it seemed to my increasingly frazzled brain). fortunately, time does pass, and i'm sure i learned some valuable lesson here. or at least i hope so. every impossibly distressful situation somehow turns out for my good--maybe this is leading me down the path of change that i am continually looking for.

at least i had refuge--fun social activites, great friends, pizza, good books, milkshakes, running, sisters, dinner invitations--these were the keepers of my sanity this week. here's to everyone who let me cry on their shoulder or blab in their ears. y'all are the best. i'm off to begin my play!

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