July 31, 2008

argggh, matey

so i'm standing in the starbucks line with my boss this morning, waiting for my hot chocolate, just people watching in general.

there's 4 King County Sheriffs in line in front of me, chatting and laughing while they wait for their coffee. While i'm (silently) observing that apparently, the Marine Division can wear Keen sandals with their uniforms (i'm at the Carillon Point Marina), the officer right in front me drops his sunglasses, knocking out one lens. as another customer hands back the lens, the sheriff puts the sunglasses back on his face with only one lens, squints with one eye, and says "arghhhh. new look". i was laughing sooooo hard. pirate sheriffs in honor of seafair's blue angels practice flyover today, maybe?

1 comment:

Jessica said...

that is hilarious!!! such a good laugh. Have a great weekend! I totally forgot about the blue angels this weekend and the roar of the planes scared me to death! so loud!!

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