August 2, 2008

one of the millions, i'm sure

i am a huge bookworm. i read anything and everything i can get my hands on. it's entirely too easy for me lose track of hours, practically days when i get a new book.

so when i realized that an eagerly-anticipated book was coming out today, i carved some time in my day for it. i knew if i didn't finish it this weekend, it will keep me up too late at night during the week as i try to finish it.

with that in mind, i met my friend windy down at juanita bay park with a picnic blanket, some munchies, and the afternoon free. a slight breeze in the trees, rustling leaves, sunlight glinting off the lake, sun playing hide-n-seek with the clouds--perfect 'get lost in a book' weather.

3.5 hours later, i only resurfaced when the call of my stomach grumbling demanded i pay attention to reality. guess it's a good thing i'm a fast reader.

windy pulled me abruptly back into reality (temporarily) when her camera shutter clicked to document the experience:


The Sister of Elder Steinkuhler said...

Has anyone ever told you that you look cute when you read. I couldn't help but snap a picture. ;)
Thanks for the fun afternoon!

skiscott said...

looks like a great afternoon! the book must have been great. can't wait until next weekend. hope to see jaunita bay park from the bay!

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