July 20, 2008

what a gorgeous day

Saturday was amazing. i went for my usual 30 min run/jog along Juanita Beach & Juanita Bay Park (nice paths, beautiful view) in the most perfect weather i could ask for.

me in all my post-run glory

i'm feeling pretty proud of myself--this is my 8th week straight of running 3x/week, without missing a day!! thanks to monica's encouragement and research, we have gone from couch potatoes to 5k-ers.

back to my saturday--as i mentioned above, i love the juanita bay area. i wish i could capture the beauty of the day that met my eyes as i meandered around the swimming area at the bay, cooling down. here's my meager attempt (the pictures here don't do it justice; they're better viewed full-size--just click on the pic):
quite a few of the apartments along the lake offer mooring for boats--lucky!

against the trees you can just barely see the walkway i run down between juanita beach and juanita bay park

the walkway surrounding the swimming area at juanita beach. on windy days, it's really popular with kite boarders (the swimming area and outside the walkway, not the walkway itself, btw)

a view of juanita bay park from juanita beach. juanita bay park used to be an old golf course where ladies could golf for a quarter in the early 1900s. a hard battle to keep the wetlands from reclaiming the course, the city of kirkland eventually turned it into a park and a wildlife refuge. there are park benches on the old golf course berms and boardwalks and observation points that look out over the bay where turtles sun, blue herons stare, even the occasional bald eagle visits.

apparently i wasn't the only one wishing for a boat ride today. the duck on top of the sun platform looks like he's waiting to hop into that life jacket to go for a ski.

mama duck and ducklings--fast little swimmers.
i had a hard time keeping them in the frame of my camera.

the rest of my saturday was just as enjoyable. got my car washed while i sat in the sunshine. read a book in the park for an hour or so. cooked dinner (grilled cheese & chocolate milk) for windy while we chatted and planned. watched penelope, one of my favorite movies. made homemade guacamole. all in all, a great day.


skiscott said...

good job on the solid 8 wks. it's making a difference. i checked how far it would be from the se 40th st launch to juanita bay. it's a ways, but it might be fun to see the bay and the park from the water. keep up the good work!

plainjaneproud said...

I've been wanting to watch Penelope but was afraid I would expect too much out of it. But if you give your seal of approval then I'll have to go rent it!

Lisa -- said...

sounds like a great day! wish i could have been there. great job on the running! you should sign up for race. love you

Jessica said...

so happy you're back into your blogging groove! I love it! So proud of you and all your hard work! Can I tell you that you're looking really great lately?!?! can't wait to see you Friday!

Gretch said...

Sounds like a great place to run and yay! for the record! Seems like the perfect Saturday to me.

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