July 26, 2008

party time

i'm going to a festival, parade and BBQ tonight and i have some reasons to celebrate:
  • i just ate a bowl of cheerios with fresh raspberries--incredibly delicious
  • i've already vacuumed my front room and cleaned the kitchen today--check check
  • successful completion of my '9-week program'--i can now call myself a 'dedicated' but not necessarily 'disciplined' runner
  • horrendous work situation alleviated--sweet relief
  • it's the weekend--'nuff said
it's another gorgeous summer day in seattle--so i'm signing out of cyberspace and heading outside!


Lisa -- said...

Gotta love the weekend!

Carrie said...

I'm impressed with your dedicated running! You and Amy are both running and inspiring me to get out my running shoes!

erita said...

yeah, i'm realizing it's been a looooong time since our days in Bomber cross-country :)

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