July 14, 2008


i love those little moments that materialize out of nowhere--you know, those quiet, 'eureka' moments--when you realize your crummy day has turned itself around and suddenly, surprisingly, you realize that at this moment in time you are happy.

maybe it was the interesting conversations i had at fhe. maybe it was the sense of accomplishment from completing one of 3 visiting teaching appointments. maybe it was the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich that accompanied said conversations at fhe. maybe it was the sunset during the drive home (at 9pm! i love living this far north), all pink, gold, blue and purple.maybe it was the cool summer evening breeze through my car windows. maybe it was the glimpse of the hot air balloon hovering over the farm field in the valley near my house. maybe it was the song on the radio.

maybe, just maybe, it was all of the above, coalescing together in one pure moment of consciousness.

at least the sadness and frustration and stress of the day has been banished, for a time. i can relish right now, refreshed, and face it all again tomorrow.

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