July 3, 2008

i have triumphed

my indecision was vanquished with a vengeance.

dinner: grilled chicken roulade (my first attempt)--one with goat cheese and pesto, another with Havarti, dill & chives. i threw an avocado on the grill for good measure. mmmm.

having now examined said 'decision', maybe indecision just morphed instead of surrendering--2 types of chicken? and now i can't decide which i liked better. . .i'll never win, i guess.

but my tummy is happy, and my guilt is overthrown. now if i can just snap my fingers and have the chaos that is now my kitchen and grill disappear--mary poppins, where are you?


The Mortensens said...

Just reading this post makes me hungry!

Jessica said...

you're baaaacck! I love that you are blogging again. granted I'm a little behind the times and I still need to come baaccck to blogging. but at least I have internet again (being without was like missing a finger--Ok not that bad, but limiting for sure) Yummy food!
that was a scary mary. you wanted HER to come to your house....?
you always find the most interesting videos.

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