March 15, 2008

wine berry

i did it.

i bought a motorcycle helmet today. HJC Sy-Max II, for those of you who care. wine berry.

so hot.

i also got some sweet new leather motorcycle gloves as well. convincing myself that they needed to get used to my hands, i let myself wear them while i drove my jeep home tonight, alternately inhaling the sweet smell of new leather and laughing at my own giddiness.

i've been thinking about getting my endorsement for quite some time now; it's exhilarating to hold some tangible evidence of the near-actualization of one of my dreams.

can't wait for my class. i came home from Cycle Barn to find my motorcycle class information in the mailbox. trying not to be worried about phraseology such as "there is no guarantee that everyone will complete the course or graduate." that would be pretty embarrassing--"yeah, i flunked out of motorcycle school."

sitting on the various bikes at the shop and getting a feel for what would fit me (i'm only 5'2", so most bikes are too tall for me), i was already dreaming of the summer ahead and all the beautiful rides awaiting me in the area. the weather is already turning towards spring; the rhododendrons are beginning to bloom everywhere, the sunshine peeked out between the rain clouds and illuminated the space needle as we drove home and everything looked washed fresh, clean and green.

i'll be the 4th rider to learn in my family--pretty soon we'll be able to form our own little gang *laughing* look at what you started, monica!


Jessica said...

wine berry? I love it! I'm excited for you! LOVING your blog. At want point does merely hanging out with you and being your adoring sister make your awesome writing skills rub off on me or can you share it with a shake like fairy dust?

I'll email the pictures soon, still need to download them.

erita said...

yeah, i'd love to see the pics--maybe post some here. it was so much fun! your girls are way too cute, and we made some pretty amazing creations, too!

and, consider yourself "fairy-dusted".

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