March 16, 2008

hello again

in the peace and quiet of this morning, i awoke. literally, i had been up out of bed for some time, including several hours during the night when the lightning crashed outside my window. but metaphorically, i think i have been asleep--some aspects of me--for far too long. while i am still brushing off the lingering cobwebs of my unconsciousness, i revel in the warm familiar feeling of being present and aware, and, yes, content.

silently communing with my thoughts, watching the flames flit & flicker in the fireplace, listening to my "quiet time" music--yes, i have music for every mood, and occasionally, i find those songs that transcend my current mood and lift me to a better state of being--i explore some of my thoughts and motivations and presence. feeling that welcoming peace of revisiting a place that has been silent and absent for longer than i would care to imagine, i wrap it around me like a warm blanket and, for the umpteenth time, wonder why i let myself get distracted from this place.

and for right now, i can say i am content. my expectations coincide perfectly with my perception of reality. i have accomplished the one thing i needed to this morning, no more, no less. i have examined my current state of being, and while i can easily visualize a better situation, i embrace the slightly bittersweet decision to continue in patience. all in due time, erica. each moment is shaping me for the next moment to come, till i have arrived at places i never thought i could travel, experience things i thought would never come, and remember all that i have been blessed with in the journey.

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Aaron said...

I'm seriously going to take all your posts and publish them.

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