March 13, 2008

you can't hide from google

every so often, i get hits to my little blog from the most random places. singapore, oxford, rochester.

the latest referral 'o' interest? a google search on "weed on luggage". go figure. they must've not found what they were looking for, 'cuz my post was 9th on the page amongst sundry news articles relating to cannabis & travel accoutrement. how disappointed they must've felt to discover i wasn't referring to that type of 'weed'.

every so often i get the slightest bit creeped out about how google seems to know everything, see everything & be everything. and then i wish i had had the prescience to purchase some of their stock back in the day. i'd be sitting pretty now, that's fo sho.

i wonder how much farther up the search list this post'll get me. hmmmm.

in the meantime, i won't dwell on the fact that everything i view, read, search, link, ponder, buy, question, define, visit, comment, post, facebook and research is not as anonymous as one would wish. i would like to be able to sleep tonight.

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