April 4, 2009


i slept in a little bit this morning. dreamland and a comfortable pillow laid claim upon my slumber for several more hours than usual. that is, until a mischievous little sunbeam stole through my blinds, across my pillow and landed, tickling, on my eyelids, playfully flickering through the blossoming tree waving in the springtime breeze this early saturday morning. waking with a smile (and the sun) on my face is much more pleasant than my usual companions of darkness and the insistent unrelenting beep of my early morning alarm.

i took the unusual liberty of laying abed awhile--i hadn't planned on waking for at least another hour. picking up my book that lay open beside me from last night, i quickly lost myself in its pages and visited far off lands of beauty that echoed that of my morning. too quickly the pages ran out, and i closed the book with a sigh. reality beckons, but the deliciousness of this morning still lingers with me.

after the dreariness of the nonstop downpour of rain and snow this week, the freshness of the spring blossoms and sunshine beg to be bottled, later distilled, diamond drop by drop, during the tedious days of still-winter that are sure to follow.

in the meantime, i'll take myself out today and breathe some fresh air, wander a little, visit a little, listen a lot, ponder and muse, geo-cache a little and maybe even spring-clean a little.


Georgia B. said...

this shot is absolutely incredible!

just found your blog through your profile picture in my followers sections. so glad i did!

erita said...

thanks! i wish i could take credit for that picture, but it's actually not mine. but it fit my sentiments exactly.

i just realized you have several blogs--all equally beautiful!

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