April 3, 2009

friday conversation

i'm beginning to dream again.

not necessarily news of earthshattering importance to the rest of you, but vitally important to me. a sign that sleep is becoming my friend again.

i woke up to rain in the middle of the night--seattle is apparently welcoming spring with a deluge of moisture from the heavens--and i snuggled back down and entered into dreamland. i woke up happy, basking in the warm glow of dreams whose details continue to elude me, like trying to catch a candle flame with my fingers.

my coworkers must have been likewise blessed with pleasant dreams and happy mornings, for the mood and the conversation as we made our daily pilgrimage down to starbucks turned playful.

discussing one of our favorite foods--bacon, otherwise known as 'the food of joy' to my boss--led one coworker to bring this up.

yep. really.

this one lingers. almost ruins my buzz.


skiscott said...

such a pleasant morning and then out of the blue -- yikes, squeeze bacon. I can't imagine it...

jeannette stgermain said...

You might, or might not know it, but it's important to dream - it means you go through the cycle of deep sleep - one of these days i'll write some posts about it:)

Windy Dawn said...

SQUEEZE BACON!? Blech! I'll probably dream about that tonight since it's the last thing I looked at before I head to bed...

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