January 30, 2009

rudely awakened

my bed shook this morning, and i woke up about an hour before my alarm went off. disoriented, my brain tried to process the reason for my abrupt return to consciousness. sleepily, i decided one of my neighbors must've slammed the door really hard leaving just then (i am on the 2nd floor of 3, after all) and that would explain the thump.


my trip down to starbucks for my morning hot chocolate revealed that seattle had experienced an earthquake. my first earthquake!

ok, so it was only a 4.6, but still! how rude!


skiscott said...

i know the feeling from experiencing several california tremors growing up. it always takes a moment for the brain to snap out of it's 'business as usual' mode and recognize it can't reconcile the sensory input with previous experience. small ones are fun; let's hope it stays that way!

alex said...

This is Shawnee--not Alex.
Hi Erica, that's pretty crazy about the earthquake. you are quite the writer! Ok, so I started a blog thinking I was just starting a family journal, and this whole crazy blog world opened up to me. it's pretty awesome. I'll be checking in. view my blog at lonestarbaugh.blogspot.com

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