January 29, 2009


small triumphs tonight.

somewhat defeated by my week, tonight i resolved to remain triumphant--however small that accomplishment may be. cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen, bananas on my counter begging to become banana bread (with cinnamon crumble, a la orangette). mixing and measuring, listening to krcl streaming through my itunes--perfectly complementing the mouth-watering aroma of cinnamon, honey and bananas wafting out of my oven, coaxing me out of my funk.


apparently, the universe agreed by sending the following tunes via krcl my way.

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and now, off to savor the sweet result of my success!



sasha spills said...

I can't believe I didn't catch this earlier! I LOVE cinnamon, I love baking, AND I love the long winters!!

What a way to combine them all :D

Dainon. said...

This song is ace. Never heard this version before. Wherever did you scare it up?

erita said...

sasha--yeah, it was pretty heavenly. i think i'll bake it again tonight. yum.

dainon--i wish i knew where to find it. surprisingly, it was the only version i found on playlist.org, but can't round up any more about it. maybe you can find it for me, mr. dj?

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