January 1, 2009

another year already?

today i toyed with the idea of making a list of resolutions and posting it here. now that i sit down to compose said list, frankly, i'm bored with it. maybe later, maybe not. (off to a grand start, aren't we?)

so instead, you'll get this little snippet of a post in acknowledgment of new year's. i resolve not to feel guilty about it. there--how's that?

we kicked off new year's festivities last night at sasha's house in green lake. her porch affords a pretty good view of the space needle's fireworks display. i think all of seattle heaved a collective sigh of relief that the fireworks this year went off without a hitch.

we had plenty of sparkling cider, good food & good company to ring in the new year. i'm sure the neighbors didn't appreciate my exuberant noise making (one can have so much fun with a wooden spoon and a pot), but the festivities were rather short-lived as we quickly acknowledged our exhaustion and promptly headed for homes and beds.

as if new year's celebrations weren't enough, we added birthday festivities to agenda today, as someone actually has to work on her actual birthday. unfortunately, mom and dad got stuck in cle elum when they closed snoqualmie pass, then were foiled in leavenworth when stevens pass was closed for the day, and finally had to abandon seattle plans and trudge back to the tri-cities. (thanks for trying, though, mom & dad. wish you could've been here.)

the sisters, spouses, kids & i went to brunch at portage bay cafe (yummy), had a board games marathon, toyed with the idea of going shopping, then abandoned shopping for hanging out and playing with the nieces. jess cooked a fabulous dinner and then the entire company caravanned to the museum of flight for an evening of airplanes & memorabilia (i barely resisted the siren call of this cute bag), followed by the requisite scrumptious chocolate dessert, also made by the talented jessie.

all in all, a fun-filled day. the exhaustion is beginning to creep in, so i'll wrap this post up for now.

here's to another great year!


skiscott said...

we're really bummed to have missed the birthday part of the celebrations. Instead we spent the day driving on snow-covered mountain roads, browsing the shops in leavenworth and finally, falling into a movie theater seat for a show and then out to dinner... rah, rah - Happy New Year! Well, we'll catch up with you soon enough and the celebrations will just have to resume. catch your breath, girl; it's still ahead of you. Love ya! Dad

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday! Man, we are getting old!

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