December 19, 2008

go figure

i'd totally forgotten that i'd set this up.

i just tried sending an email from my gmail account, and it popped up with a little warning window: "are you sure you want to send this? then answer these 5 simple math questions below." in 30 seconds (which was already counting down).


mental math? i hate mental math. especially when i'm tired. then i realized that it was 'google goggles', a Gmail labs tool meant to 'protect' one from drunk (or otherwise impaired, such as fatigued, in my case) emailing. cuz you can't take it back.

23 tense seconds later, i successfully wrangled the 5 arithmetic problems from my befuddled brain. good thing the last one was only "5x10" or i would've cried.

i set it up months ago as a test to see if it actually worked.. .google's been known to throw a few pranks in there, too.

and then forgot about it. until tonight.

thank you, google, for keeping me outtta trouble. . . .this'll get annoying after the 2nd time and will probably be disabled. but it was fun while it lasted!

1 comment:

The Sister of Elder Steinkuhler said...

Bah ha ha!! I'm so glad you can do the metal math... I probably would have made a stab for my calculator. :)

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