December 9, 2008

the best laid plans o' mice & men

i meant to put my christmas decorations up tonight.


what with christmas music saturating the airwaves, neighborhoods twinkling in multi-colored lights, peppermint hot chocolate and huge baskets of goodies from vendors at work, one is powerless to resist the beckoning call of long-boxed christmas ornaments languishing in the closet, right?

sadly, reality instead consists of 'happy halloween' blocks still parading across my mantle, ghosts & goblins co-mingling with the half-unpacked christmas angels on my tv armoire, and good intentions squashed by 27 hours of frenetic work already under my belt this week. methinks there's a little seasonal confusion going on here.

perhaps tomorrow will find halloween banished & christmas happily reigning.

perhaps. perhaps. perhaps.


skiscott said...

hang in there, you'll get it done. and how nice it will be!

Leslie said...

I just got mine up yesterday. Well, almost. The tree is only half decorated and all the ornaments are on the bottom thanks to my short kids. It is a work in progress.

Jessica said...

i put up christmas super early and had thanksgiving and christmas out at the same time...oh well. you'll get them up and it will be great!!


did you really use the word "methinks" ??? I sure love reading your blog and can't wait for wordless wednesday highlighting your mantle of christmas angels :)

Lisa -- said...

You are not alone. We barely got our tree up after Ashley asked, "Will we have a tree by Christmas Eve?" It is terrible but that is all we have and I'm afraid that it will be the only thing. No time to dig around our storage unit for the rest of the holiday decorations. Please show pics after you decorate so I can enjoy some holiday decor.

erita. said...

yes, christmas decorations are still not up as of Dec 17th. {sigh}

but, i resolve that will change today! (a snow day is PERFECT for getting in the Christmas spirit)

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