October 28, 2008

it's. . .pun'kin time!

the gang at Jessie & Michael's, ready for some serious pumpkin art: Michael, Riley, Monica, Nathan, and Jessie (clockwise from left)--and me, behind the camera

the beginning of my 'trick or treat' design

my beautiful niece riley, excited to be 'helping' carve the 'punkins' ("you made a mistake, erica? it's ok. you have to start over" was her constant refrain of comfort to my many 'dang it!'s)

concentrating hard on my design

say 'cheese!'

my work in progress slowly taking shape


the proud (and tired) carvers

(many more pics to follow; this is only day 1 of 3 of the pumpkin marathon!)


yenshing said...

i love the lighted ones!! so cool!, we don't have such big pumpkins in my country.. very nice!

Anonymous said...

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Waiting with curiosity. To know your innovation.

Suze said...

WOW Your hair got long!

Oh and nice punkin's too!

skiscott said...

looks like it was way fun - and the result was good, too. you guys are lucky to live so close to those cute nieces. can't wait for more - i might be addicted!

Carrie said...

You and your sisters are so talented! Or course I'm not surprised with the artistic genius of your pumpkins . . . we still haven't gotten around to carving and Halloween is tomorrow. Maybe I'll just let Danny paint it.

Jessica said...

great documentation of the progress! maybe I'll just post a link to your blog, I'm way behind! It was so much fun. Can't wait to see what else you created! How did your pumpkin do in the work contest?

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