October 31, 2008

a bit of Halloween fun

my work gets into the Halloween spirit. whole teams decorate their office space (sanitoriums, haunted houses, bourbon street a la new orleans, asteroid belts, pirate ships, you name it, i've seen it in cubicle form). my team this year was rock band, complete with 3 members of KISS (6'4" gene simmons & all). needless to say, our morning foray down to starbucks for hot chocolate and coffee garnered many grins and guffaws.

due to procrastination & lack of inspiration, my participation was going to be merely that of silent, invisible supporter. but a trip to my local halloween store found me purchasing 2 cheap wigs for my teammate and myself.

one pair of chuck taylors, jeans, a Weezer T, and a ratty 'club' wig (evoking more 'mad scientist' than chic clubber) later, i was a groupie. happy Halloween!


Jessica said...

awesome. it takes me back....always wanting to be a rock star for Halloween. so much fun

Suze said...

Not bad, not bad.

I still think my costume wins it for "most original thinking at the last minute Halloween morning as I'm getting ready to leave the house in 45 minutes".

I'll post it soon on my blog.

Carrie said...

The red black rat is a good look for you . . . maybe you could make it a permanent thing. J/K :) Well done with the last minute work!

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