October 6, 2008


my car broke down yesterday. not the one i am currently driving (courtesy of my wonderful papa) but my car--my Jeep Liberty, otherwise fondly known as 'the Jiberty'.

swapping cars with my dad for the summer (better gas mileage for me, a boat-towing vehicle for him) was going to be a step forward, right? WRONG, dead wrong. since driving our respective borrowed vehicles--that have never given us trouble, by the way--we have each replaced dead batteries and dysfunctional lights (taillight on my jeep for my dad, headlight on the hyundai for me). a few weeks ago the hyundai's alternator died, virtually stranding me for a weekend until brad swooped in and became my personal chauffuer for the day.

yesterday evening, on the way back to the tri-cities, the jeep decided to throw a fit for my dad and have a temper tantrum. in granger. complete with billowing steam from under the hood and disconcerting rattling noise.


now the water pump needs to be replaced in my jeep. i'm beginning to suspect our cars have conspired together to pout and misbehave, although it is rather considerate of them to take turns, i guess. can you give a car a good spanking?

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