September 19, 2008

dodged a bullet

while driving out to sammamish tonight i noticed, with no small amount of consternation, several indicator lights faintly glowing on my dashboard. the lack of exuberance in their illumination, however, caused me to question their sincerity. was something truly wrong with my emergency brake and battery? the next stop light proved the former to be false--the ebrake light practically blinded me when i fully engaged it. hmmmm. i didn't quite know how i was going to alleviate my doubt of the battery light.

speed dial daddy on my cell phone--no matter he's all the way across the state--his calm voice walked us through the symptoms. perplexed, we agreed that i would check back in before i began the 20+minute drive back from sammamish late this evening.

recounting the events of the evening as i headed back into redmond i suddenly noticed my irritatingly bright clock was now just a dim outline and my headlights didn't seem to shine as eagerly. uh oh. i still had 15 minutes of somewhat dark back roads to navigate. was i going to make it?

other indicator lights began to flicker on. this was not good. thank goodness for street lamps and running lights; conserving as much energy as possible, i pulled into my covered spot after what seemed like forever and switched off the car. curiosity compelled me to turn the key over again--whimper, click, click. click click. click. nothing. she was dead. we'd barely made it.


guess i'll be trying to buy a new battery (let's hope it's not the alternator!) instead of planting trees for a service project tomorrow. i'm sure the inconvenience will sink in more fully tomorrow, but tonight i just feel blessed.


RMG said...

oh man i hate car probs...did you get 'er fixed? can you believe Ryan still uses my old maroon honda as his commuter? we've dropped enough money into new parts on that old beater to have gotten a brand new car I'm sure. the problem is...we like the old beater...sigh.

could you, would you come visit some weekend in Oct? (green eggs & ham is a new fav @ our house

Lisa -- said...

I'm glad you are safe and sound as well. Thank goodness nothing happened and I hope you were able to fix the problem and it wasn't serious or costly! Love you

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