May 17, 2008

spring forgot about us

for some reason, winter was a very long houseguest this year. i returned, optimistic, from sunny tuscany expecting a beautiful mild seattle spring. disappointed, i found cold wet rainy mornings, followed by overcast still-cold afternoons. where, oh where, was the spring that managed to visit europe? did it forget about seattle?

apparently summer felt sorry for seattle and decided to vanquish winter once and for all, without spring's help. for this week, we went from 45 degree rain to sunny 85 degree weather in 2 days. i am relishing this morning--the first saturday morning awakened by birds singing and fresh air breezing through my apartment's open windows and sliding doors--the night spent with cool breezes and the chatter of people enjoying their outdoor balconies. that delicious taste of fresh air kissing my skin all the time--it has been a loooooong winter.

and now, i have the perfect saturday framed and the weather is happily obliging. first, the annual cheese festival in pike place, followed by mexican food & kayaking in the aboreteum, chased down with a summer evening bbq with friends.

it doesn't get much better than this.

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