May 12, 2008

i don't even like peas

so why am i watching this? rachel ray's '30 minute meals' is featuring pasta with peas, among other things. sure, it probably tastes great, but i really, really, really don't like peas. or rachel ray, really for that matter. give me alton brown or jamie oliver, bobby flay or even paula dean. yet, i continue to watch the show, like my remote control is superglued on the food network station. powerless to resist.

actually, i should be getting ready to go to Sasha's house (and her ward BBQ). yet the inertial pull of my sofa is strong. and Sasha's house (in Greenwood) seems really far away from my house in Kirkland. but it's not even rush hour traffic now, so what's the big deal? i'm even contemplating moving there, even though i work in kirkland (1+ hr commute, yikes!) so guess i'd better get used to it, eh?

alrighty then. here i go!


Jessica said...

peas! Ha, ha--still don't like them really?!? I don't know why I do. Emma doesn't seem too crazy about them yet --at least not the homemade ones I made a few weeks back with the little skins still mushing around. Can you blame her? We'll have to try again with the Magic Bullet. Wow, maybe I don't really like peas either (esp after that description I gave I want to throw up!) maybe I just tolerate them and eat them anyways.

Gretch said...

Ha- I hate peas in pasta. I just randomly started getting Rachel Ray's cooking magazine in the mail. What? Me, cook?

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