April 28, 2008


ah, roma! we walked all over rome on saturday and sunday. wandered through the seemingly miles of corridors of art, and more art in vatican city museum and also visited st peter's basilica as well. (mom, i saw rodin's the thinker and took a picture for you.) we had to wander through so many corridors to reach the sistine chapel that it was almost anticlimatic (dare i say it? oh well, it's my blog and i just did!). dayna studied ancient Greek & Latin in college, so i had my own personal tour guide--it was fascinating! so many people, but it is much better than in summer when all the crowds come out and the heat gets more intense. it was a lovely 80 degrees, and i managed to get some funny sunburn tan lines with all the walking.

dayna and i also did some geo-caching in rome, and found a cache on the other side of vatican city on the wall in some beautiful little neighborhoods. and of course, ate lots of gelato at the best gelato place in rome just outside vatican city. we then met up with chelsea and spent the evening wandering through trevi fountain, spanish steps, lotsa piazzas and ended at the campo di fiori.

sunday, chelsea and i wandered through the forum and the colosseum after all 3 of us went through the catacombs of priscilla in outer rome. we've been wandering through some really cool, rather obscure neighborhoods.

last night we took the train from roma to firenze. we were traveling around sunset, and the countryside was just beautiful! i know, it's tuscany. it was a 3.5 hour train ride that provided welcome respite to my poor tired blistered feet. but, 'you gotta be tough to have fun', right?

our other friend chelsea, who joined us in london, has a friend with a villa up in the hills here in florence where we are fortunate enough to stay for 4 nights. the view we woke up to this morning! unfortunately, my camera battery died just outside the forum, so dayna and chelsea have been my photographers. i managed to charge it this morning, so more pics to come as we wander florence today and hike cinque terra tomorrow.

meanwhile, time is flying by, money is running out (not really, but it sure feels like it), memories are making, blisters are forming, waistline is shrinking and i still have 6 more beautiful fabulous days.


Lisa -- said...

Oh, Italy! You will have to eat lots and lots of authethic, great Italian food especially the pasta. My dad's family is from Genoa.I'm an italian pasta lover.

Jessica said...

we were wondering why you hadn't emailed recently--all the info is here on your blog!! Hope you're having a wonderful time!!! Enjoy it for me.

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