April 23, 2008

london calling

after 3 days in beautiful bath, i have now arrived in london!

bath was georgeous, if cold--it seems i brought the rain from seattle with me; the english countryside, beautiful; the driving on the left side of the road, crazy but manageable; the cotwolds, picturesque; stonehenge, a bunch of rocks in the ground, but amazing nonetheless; wells cathedral, awe-inspiring.

london is incredible. we managed to get tickets to see "wicked" in just a few minutes, so i'm off to the theatre. stay tuned!


Aaron said...

I loved London. i hated that I was there by myself and had to do the cool touristy stuff alone but technically I was there on business anyway. it is crazy expensive though.

erita said...

no kidding! with the £ pound stirling equal to about $2 US, it is crazy! all the prices here look 'normal' until i double it in your head to get the american price and then i have to do a double-take. ah well, still loads of fun.

Lisa -- said...

i'm excited for you! what an exciting trip. i can't wait to hear future details/posts and some pictures. i hope the rest of trip goes well and your safe. enjoy every minute of it! when you see art stuff, think of me, oh how i am dying to visit art museums over there. hope you enjoyed wicked as well. i will be seeing it for the second time in a few weeks! love you.

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