February 24, 2008

under construction

i am da bomb.

well, not really, but i am pretty proud of myself. i am learning how to edit the html code on my blogger template so i could add a new column on the left. it's a bit tricky, and it's taken me 3 or 4 tries, but i think i might have it.

it's still rough, and i need to restore my other customizations bit by bit so it'll look the way i want to. pardon my dust. let me know if anything is broken, and stay tuned for further beautification! i have to run and get ready for church, otherwise i'd be here all day, learning, tweaking, breaking, starting over, reposting, and trying not to wipe out my WHOLE blog. that wouldn't be fun.


Carolyn said...

I'm curious, do you already know html? Did you teach yourself? If not, how did you learn?

My husband does computer programing for a living, so if I have trouble I usually ask him to bail me out. Though he loves to make me figure it out on my own.

Nice changes by the way!

erita said...


nope, i don't know any html--pretty much a foreign language to me. but after a few hours this morning, i think i'm expanding by vocabulary, so to speak.

i stumbled across this blog with some good blogs tips. adding a 3rd column was the first thing that caught my attention, so i started with that. i haven't even explored the rest of the tips yet.. .


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