September 23, 2007

Sunday walk

Fall is changing leaves everywhere, and yet some woodlands remain untouched by scarlet or gold. We took a lovely walk after my brother-in-law's birthday dinner through Bellevue's Weowna Park (yes, that is pronounced 'we own a park"). Bellevue has quite an extensive park & trail system through beautiful woodlands that they have preserved from development. My mobile phone was not quite equal to the task of capturing the beauty my eyes witnessed, but gave a valiant attempt nonetheless.


Shanna said...

Gorgeous views! But more poetic is your use of words! Aaron and I frequently have commented to each other about your beautiful vocabulary and knack for putting words together.

Lisa -- said...

The nature in Washington and Oregon is why I love those states! Props for putting September on your music list. Oh, those were the days. We had blast! I am so happy I met you. You are the best! Love you.

NaDell said...

Tell Monica and Nate that they need a blog too.
I loved reading all about you and enjoyed seeing you and your fam on the row at church.
Just in case you don't remember me, Monica played games weekly at our house for years before she moved to meet Nate.

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