September 27, 2007

come again? i think i blinked. . .

so i don't currently subscribe to cable. many reasons: financial; ongoing personal debate of detriment to mental, physical & emotional health said service could induce; employment is in direct competition with 'those cable guys'; yada yada yada.

however~~~i do subscribe to blockbuster's 'total access' online rental program, cuz i am a movie junkie. and brilliant ideas of all brilliancy, the television industry has insidiously found its way onto my queue by releasing seasons of popular tv shows on dvd. brilliant, yes? most definitely, because of 1 key advantage: NO COMMERCIALS. i can blissfully watch episode after episode without interruption if i so choose, no pesky pauses for commercials right at the most inconvenient, cliff-hanging moment (which was quite literal and quite frequent for our heroine Sidney Bristow, in the case of my first foray into television via DVD: Alias Seasons 1 through 1 zillion). no annoying car dealership ads, etc. perfection, right?

wrong! as i found out tonight. besides my initial foray into espionage a la Jennifer Garner, i have gotten hooked on The Office. don't ask me why, probably because i now live 50-70/hours a week of my life every week in a cubicle farm. scary.

i digress. my rental dvd's caught me up on the Office's past 3 seasons, just in time for the premier of season 4 tonight. my lack of cable notwithstanding, i still managed to view the office tonight, COMMERCIALS and ALL. at first annoyed, i became intrigued--it's amazing how much pop culture i've missed out on!

i almost missed it. the september jc penney commercial. that's right, i said jc penney. it was awesome, but over so quickly, i hardly knew what hit me. the music drew me in, and then my eyes registered some portion of what i was seeing, and it was gone. a flash in the pan. i didn't even realize it was a penney's commercial until the end. my friend and i googled the ad, and found some interesting music (persephone's bees). however, i got home and found that wasn't really the commercial we thought it was.

google failed me, youtube failed me, failed me: not a single site has the commercial video available for embedding. i finally managed to dig it out of layers of advertising sediment on the jcpenney website here. (click on 'watch commercial' at the top, and then choose 'version 1'. that was the version i saw on tv tonight, though version 2 is ok as well.) definitely worth the hunt. *updated* the link for jcpenney's website is no longer active, but it is FINALLY posted on youtube here

as for the music?

click here.

am i crazy for spending this much time on a commercial? definitely. but the satisfaction i've gotten out of finding the near-impossible find is priceless. enjoy if you wish.


Aaron said...

Since I'm currently taking an Advertising Management course I have to say that I'm quite pleased by your newfound interest in commercials. Keep it up!! In fact, stop watching shows altogether and just watch the ads.

Jessica said...

Wow, what a quest but totally fun and entertaining! I love your blog! Thanks again for the cutest baby dress ever--now only if Emma would arrive to wear it!

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