April 5, 2007

the urban gardener

i have a sprout.

several sprouts.

actually, lots of sprouts. i feel like i'm in kindergarten again, checking my plantings to see if any new ones appear, barely restraining myself from poking at them to see how they are coming along.

i'm not quite sure how this works, starting a garden indoors, especially when i don't really have an 'outdoors'. i'm hoping a container garden on my balcony will be a suitable surrogate mother to my attempts at a green thumb.

it all began with pasta. pasta with fresh basil. why don't i get a fresh basil plant? ah, but they seem to be rather elusive in seattle's spring. but, look! seeds are on sale, and the little greenhouse garden with just-add-water soil pellets. that doesn't sound too hard. in fact it seems vaguely like cheating.

basil & thyme are the first pioneers; romaine, 2 types of tomatoes, lettuce, chives & spinach have yet to make their appearance.

wish me luck!

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