April 13, 2007

atlas shrugged

the world feels slightly off its axis today. some days are like that. i usually can roll with it--it keeps life exciting right? but today was just a stinker.

let it be known i am not a superstitious person. today is friday the 13th. big deal, right? bad luck and all that. however, even my jaded perspective had to concede that today's frequency of random mistakes may belie their definition and are in fact not so random after all.

oddly enough, it started out as a gloriously beautiful happy day. but minute by minute, phone call after email, the castle in the clouds came tumbling down. it's enough to make me consider 'google bombing' on my blog, a practice i have viewed with some skepticism and ambivalency and have heretofore avoiding perpetuating. yet in the faceless, often chaotic world of internet commerce and communication, google may be my best option to broadcast otherwise inaccessible but vital information for other consumers like myself.

are ethics a bygone, archaic nostalgia recalled with approbation but no longer instilled in our characters today? has money so thoroughly corrupted our society that good faith agreements (even, ironically, those backed by money) are tossed aside like old pennies in favor of newer, shinier ones?

caveat emptor. craigslist posting id#311273694 is a break in good faith. the only way i can figure out to protect others is to tell people to flag it. the short and sweet: i put down a deposit to hold the contract at a certain price as posted in craigslist previously and reiterated in written communication with the seller; after receiving my $250 deposit of intent to sign (in person) AND my confidential credit report she raised the price in a "bait & switch" 2 hours laterand reposted the contract. there is no opportunity that i can find on craigslist to provide "seller feedback" like on amazon or ebay or other peer-to-peer commerce sites; they do have a "prohibited" flag, that, if utilized by enough different computers, can effectively force down the post.

so do me and other potential customers a favor: flag it!

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