July 21, 2009


stuck on the 520 bridge tonight. my first time ever in the 3 years of weekly/daily crossings, and never before had the drawbridge opened. slightly stunned, we all crawled to a stop and goggled the perfect summer seattle evening. dusk falling, mt. rainier hazily sheer to the south, sailboats on lake washington as the sun set behind us and the sky turned pinkly purple. car doors opened, humanity emerged. the empty lanes of west-bound traffic filled with car-less drivers. all staring, standing. this bridge, that, without fail, still inspires silent refrains of ''i live here? i. live. here. seattle. i love this place.'

scrabbled in my bag for my camera (how i've missed taking pictures while it languished in a moving box)--battery dead.


but that sweet summer air? conversation with monica in the car & nathan on his motorcycle next to us--that nothing but something? it's still here, even if i can't show it to you.


Windy Dawn said...

I read this and then immediately looked for the "like" option, but then realized I'm not on facebook right now. Whoa, need to back off on the online time...

Nevertheless, I "like" it!

skiscott said...

amazing! i thought the drawbridge was just for show. what went thru?

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