June 20, 2009

wherein i discover today might not go as i planned

i'm moving. in one week. downsizing, no less. a tremendous to-do list awaits me this morning, my last saturday before The Big Move.

leeetle problem: i was out of clothes. so 'doing laundry' promptly established itself as numero uno, bumping 'stuff my starving face' to #2.

grumbling just a little bit (laundry is so tedious), i gathered all the clothes, sorted them into their little piles and started filling the washing machine. good thing, i thought, that i just bought laundry detergent at costco. the big jug of liquid detergent, with the spout n' all. realizing that i wouldn't be able to reach the little release valve once i hefted it on top of my stacking washer/dryer combo (i'm a shorty, after all), i twisted the little cap, ever so slightly, thereby saving myself the hassle of pulling out a stool to reach it later when i couldn't get the detergent to come out. brilliant, yes?

heaving the jug over my head, i started to balance it onto the top of my dryer. what the?!?

brrrrr. eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww. laundry detergent. was. pouring. over. my. head.

and the floor.

and splashing on the closet door.

all in a split second, the ramifications of which felt like eternity. and it was cold. and slimy. and sticky.

you have got to be kidding me. suddenly, 'take a shower--stat' pre-empted everything else. who knows what laundry detergent would do to my hair, my scalp? i didn't know what's in that stuff.

and now, with the fresh scent of liquid detergent and shampoo in my hair, i'm off to find a mop bucket.

but i think i might stop by the freezer first, and find that pint of haagen-daz. it's gonna be a long day.


skiscott said...

oh, my... houston, there's a problem!sms

Windy Dawn said...

Wow honey, what a day! At least it makes a great story!

The Mortensens said...

It does make a great story, even though I'm sure it was a horrible experience.

Good luck with your move!

Carrie said...

Yuck . . . but you are such an amazing writer!

Lisa Best said...

I love reading your posts. Sorry about the events, but glad to read the story! You are a great writer.

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