June 10, 2009

the smell of summer

i bought fresh peonies at the farmer's market today. a lovely bundle of pink & white fragrant ruffles, heavy heads nodding gently against their cone of white butcher paper. it felt so right, strolling along the waterfront, that bundle of white paper and blossoms in the crook of my arm, smiling with the farmer as she deftly created bouquet after bouquet of peonies, sweet peas, and poppies, inhaling the aroma of flowers mingling with the brick oven pizza down the way a few booths, the sharp bite of the herbs next farmer over, and crushed grass beneath my feet.

summer's here.


Jessica said...

beautiful photo. can you teach me?

erita said...

thanks, jessie! i don't know anything, really. i just keeping shooting and hoping that something turns out :D

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