April 8, 2009

wordless wednesday

welcome sun


Lisa Best said...

Hey Erica! Ah! I love turtles:) Where did you see these?

erita said...

lisa--jaunita bay park has some boardwalks through the wetlands, here in kirkland. the turtles are always out on any available log, catching the rays whenever the sun comes out.

i felt just like those turtles on sunday--soaking up the sun. felt sooo nice after this long dark rainy winter.

Lisa Best said...

Ok, cool! I definitely need to go see me some turtles.

And I hear you. Monday I went to Marymoor Park & just sat lying on the grass forever :)

The Mortensens said...

I always love seeing your Wordless Wednesday pictures.

Nadia said...

Turtles? So close to home? I had no idea!

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