March 11, 2009

i take that back

actually, i don't think it's going to rain today. it promises to be a very fine day.

sunshine, crystal clear and c-o-l-d. driving in to work, i looked in one direction and saw the olympic mountains lit rosy pink from the dawn; in another, the cascades snowy white and sharp against the eastern horizon; to the south, i imagine mt rainier is visibly resplendent as well. have i mentioned lately that i love seattle?

spring still feels a long time coming, though. snow earlier this week and bitter cold followed a week of warmth and new blossoms.

patience, grasshopper.

1 comment:

sasha spills said...

Is it just me, or do you think it's colder this week than in December?

Beautiful, pristine and sharp! That's spring with a bite.

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