November 14, 2008

can't go back now


Leslie said...

Hi Erica, it is me, your old friend. I just wanted to say hi. I enjoy reading your blog.

erita. said...


so glad to hear from you, friend.

life is good, yes? i can't believe how much your little family is growing. miss you!

Suze said...

I LOVE THAT SONG! I've never heard of this group. Leave it to you to discover awesome music. I come back to your blog just to listen to it!

erita. said...

suze: i love the Weepies, too. i can't even remember now how i stumbled across them--i think on Pandora radio? i also have a (random) playlist, if you're looking for more music:

btw, i loved reading your blog, but i haven't been able to access it for lately :(

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