August 18, 2008


hello all.

a week of silence must be banished.

where do i begin?

tonight was an evening of butterfly knife tricks, beat boxing, water drinking, cello & vocal performance, human pin cushion (yowch--i couldn't watch), "bum jumping' with a jump rope (must be seen to be believed), hand stands, and much, much laughter. who knew one room could hold so many talented 'un-talented' people?

today was rain, dinner with my folks, tagging out-of-touch loved ones with voicemail, exhaustion & recovery, and just plain monday.

how does a week fly by so fast, and a monday work day stretch on forever?

as Lord Caversham put it in Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband, "well, make it Tuesday, sir, make it Tuesday."

1 comment:

The Sister of Elder Steinkuhler said...

"make it Tuesday"

Oh man! I LOVE that movie!

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