July 29, 2008

tuesday is usually girls' night

where monica and i carpool over to jessie's and hang out, eat some good food, maybe go running, play some rock band and most importantly, spend time with my adorable nieces.

sadly, we had to cancel tonight, and i find that i'm missing my girls. i thought i'd share some fairly recent pics of emma & riley. emma is now 9 months--learning to climb things, standing for a few seconds, and laughing and clapping all the time. riley, who is such a good big sister, is now over 3 years old and quite the little person. her giggling laugh is so infectious and her facial expressions just priceless.

emma & grandpa at the Columbia River temple, Father's Day 08

i love her cute expressions

beautiful riley, columbia river temple, father's day 08

one of my favorite pics of riley
i had fun just taking random shots with my camera that day, and lo & behold, some of them turned out


Kara said...

Cute pictures! You are one proud aunt. How nice that you guys live close enough together that you can get together often.

skiscott said...


Jessica said...

we missed you too! Can't wait for next Tuesday!

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