June 11, 2008

wordless wednesday


Kara said...

Where's your picture captions? Is that the Panaca Spring???? I don't know about the waterfall, but that really looks like the spring. Didn't your Mom and Dad just go to Panaca? When are you coming back?
(Our blog is private now, so e-mail me and I'll send you an invite.)

erita said...

yay! you guessed it--Panaca Spring & Condor Canyon pics that my parents took while they were there for Mary's graduation. I miss Panaca!

I hope I can get there soon!

Jessica said...

I miss Panaca!! Great photos by the way. We'll be there 2010 for sure and Mike will be done with dental school -- crazy.

Monica said...

Whoa! I was just there - and had a great dip :) Erica, you need to get down there sometime too, and ask John for the nickel tour of Flatnose Ranch, it's wild!

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