February 18, 2008

what is this?


it's official.

i am not a vampire.

at least, i didn't turn to dust when i finally saw the sun yesterday.

but look at how pasty white i am!! no wonder i have a vitamin D deficiency like 40% of seattle. they should add it to the water here, like floride.

soaking up the sun on a sunday morning walk. i woke up at 930 to the sun streaming in and jumped out of bed and ran down to the lake to feel the rays on my face. ahhhh. maybe i can survive until spring. but, dang! it was coooold.


Shanna said...

You live by a lake? How cool is that!? I feel like crying when I think of you coming to visit us! COME!

erita said...

i know! i love living by lake washington--it's so beautiful! i'll actually be posting more pictures of my walk by the lake, hopefully this weekend.

i really really want to come visit!and soon! problem is, i have a couple trips coming in april, so it'll be hard to get away before that. i'm going to vegas for a 4 day weekend in the beginning of april~courtesy of clearwire as a recognition of all the blood, sweat, and tears i've poured into that place :) and then i have my 2.5 week europe trip at the end of april thru beginning of may with dayna. but i'll keep watching the airfares--if i see something fabulous, i'll see if i can at least swing up for a quick weekend before then. i miss you guys!!

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