January 27, 2008


this sunday morning has been blessedly quiet. serene, almost. while i live in an apartment, residual noise notwithstanding, the calm of my own place is pervasive. the squeal of children playing faintly penetrates my awareness, effectively increasing my contentedness as it reminds i am alone, but not isolated.

lately, i've been contemplating the subtleties of alone vs. lonely, separate but not isolated. i'm not quite sure what began this pensitivity, but there it is.

just me: i can lie on my couch this morning, staring out the window watching the clouds flirt with the sunshine and thoughts flit across my consciousness. i've satisfied my blog craving by catching up all on the recent posts of the friends or strangers whose thoughts and lives send light into my soul.

but wait, it's time to prepare for church. . .i'll have to resume this pontification later.

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